Five reasons that mobile working could benefit your business!

Have you considered the benefits of allowing your employees to work from anywhere? The technology is now available and people are beginning to take up this opportunity in greater numbers. But what do Chester businesses stand to gain by introducing mobile working policies? We set out five key benefits that we think could bring about a positive change in the business world:

Happier Employees!

A happier, more motivated workforce is likely to prove beneficial for any company’s turnover and profits. There has been a marked increase in UK workers who claim flexible working arrangements make them happy (77% according to This may be due to having something else apart from their job to focus on when not at work or the freedom it affords them in how they spend their day.

A happier workforce is likely to be more efficient and productive so in turn this will lead to an increase in the company’s profits too. The feeling of working for a business that values them enough to trust them was cited by TUC research as one of four key factors that make employees happy at work.

Flexible Working = Happier Customers!

It is widely acknowledged that customers are attracted to companies who adopt flexible working policies, with 74% of UK adults saying they would not consider using a service provider who didn’t offer flexible working according to research . This could be because there are increasingly busy lifestyles which mean people value being able to access services whenever it suits them, or the freedom working from home brings to their everyday lives. Whatever the reason, it means that businesses offering flexible arrangements are likely to attract a larger customer base and this can only be a good thing!

More Loyal Employees = Better Customer Retention

Employees who feel valued by their employer are more likely to remain loyal to them for longer which is great news for companies looking at ways of increasing employee retention. According to research, 40% of UK employees feel happier in their job since being allowed mobile working arrangements – something that certainly makes financial sense for any business.

Remote Working Leads To Greater Opportunity For Chester Businesses And Employees Across Europe

As well as introducing all sorts of positive changes to the business world, mobile working is also creating huge opportunities for businesses and employees across Europe. For one thing, companies can look forward to a more competitive work environment as mentioned in our previous blog post . On the other hand, employees could find themselves moving around much more frequently thanks to this new found freedom. The research revealed that over half of those who currently enjoy flexible working took up their arrangement within 12 months of starting with their employer (52%) and four out of ten said they had changed jobs as a direct result of being allowed mobile working arrangements (39%).

May Help To Reduce Stress And Increase Productivity

Whilst we’re not advocating you let your staff get away with just anything! It is well documented that stress can have a negative impact on both your physical and mental wellbeing. The increase in incorporating mobile working policies into business’ HR strategies could help to reduce this stress among employees by allowing them to work more flexibly. This in turn is likely to help boost productivity, which it goes without saying will be beneficial for the company’s turnover too!

Although the benefits of introducing mobile working are clear to see there are also some potential downsides so it should not be something you take lightly. One key aspect that should be considered is security – are employees following correct protocols when working remotely? Ensuring all staff understand what devices they can use to access company information, ensuring these are secure and password protected, good communication channels between managers/employees and giving staff updated IT training when necessary could ensure security is not compromised. Contact Chester Apps for a stress free working environment.

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