For the last 14 years have been taking the proverbial bull by the horns when it comes to E-Commerce and how businesses interact with each other via the Internet.  It’s hard to believe that initially the Internet was originally designed as a method by which military installations could communicate with other.  And now decades later it is hard to consider a world where the Internet, and the ability to do business via the World Wide Web, didn’t exist.

As a team our developers are keen to help businesses of all shapes and sizes embrace the Internet and all it has to offer when it comes to E-Commerce.  There is so much that can be done; indeed so much that already has been done, so how can we better that?

The answer to that question is uniqueness.  Pure and simple.  We offer our clients; fledgling companies taking their first tentative steps into cyberspace, individuals producing an app or bespoke E-Commerce solution for their own endeavours, and companies of huge turnover, the opportunity to be unique.   We can say categorically what we aren’t offering you is something the company next door has.  We want your business to be as unique as you are.  If you want an E-Commerce site that not only allows for doing business online but also the inclusion of an online accounting system for your customers to pay their bills by receipt of automated monthly invoices; yes we can do that.

We work with a variety of programming language and each of our developers have their own specialties making us well placed – not just geographically but in terms of our skill sets – to help you turn that E-Commerce vision into a reality.  We offer our clients the opportunity to do business using E-Commerce across platforms ranging from static servers running static IPs through to applications running on mobile and tablet devices operating on a whole host of platforms including iOS, Blackberry, Android and Windows.

We won’t scoff at the kind of business you run; that’s entirely down to you.  What concerns us is how we can make that business grow on the Internet.  It’s hard to quantify building up a business in cyberspace because cyberspace – like your imagination – has no limits.  And neither too do the imaginations of our developers; if you can think of it then they can make it a software and application reality.

And with a team of developers who operate not only from our offices but also as satellites, there is someone on hand to help implement the system too so you’re never alone.

Finding out how we can turn your E-Commerce dream into a reality is a simple matter of a phone call or email; details on how to contact us can be found on the right hand side of this screen.  Or alternatively contact us using the enquiry form on the Contact Us page.  A member of our development team will be happy to arrange a callback at a time convenient to you to discuss your requirements and to provide you with further information – one on one – on how can help take your business forward on the World Wide Web.