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Based in the north of England, has been helping local and national companies – as well as small to medium sized business and budding entrepreneurs – develop and create applications that can integrated into their existing software systems as well as migrate to new and exciting packages further down the line.

We deal with every client, regardless of size and budget, as being as important as the next and with this in mind we look to each project as a new and exciting challenge, not just for us here at but also for the people we deal with.  Our mantra is helping your business gain business and with this ideal firmly instilled in all of our staff – be they based in our offices or working as satellite personnel – we have proven over the years that we’re a formidable and cost effective viable option to the boxed software off the shelf of your latest high street retailer.

Our developers are customer-focused and look to what you need as opposed to what they can do.  If it isn’t something they’ve done before, not to worry, it doesn’t mean they can’t do it, it simply means you’re the first to want it done.  And to be the first to want a specific application or bespoke software package created is a privilege for us because we know that once we’ve built it for you from the ground up, you won’t want to go anywhere else for your application, mobile or other software needs.

Our developers come from all walks of the business spectrum and have spent their time honing their crafts for a variety of different companies but working for has given them the opportunity to ply their trade on a more personal, hands-on level.

We create bespoke apps, mobile and software integral, that have been written across a wide band of languages; C, C++. ASP.NET, PHP, JavaScript, SQL, ANSI SQL, MYSQL, and for individual mobile and tablet platforms such as iPhone and iPad, Blackberry, Android, and Windows-based devices.  Our imagination knows no bounds; indeed the only limitations we can see are the imaginations of our clients.  Not that that’s a bad thing; we’ve encountered clients over the years who want to streamline as opposed to enhance because they have software that is modular based, costs too much, and has features that are never used.  We can help streamline your current software packages, databases, apps and the likes, to a manageable level that will have your workforce working more productively without fumbling through a myriad of menus that serve no purpose other than to annoy and obfuscate.

Whilst everyone in the business world would like to think that from an IT point of view everything just slips together and works seamlessly, sadly that is not the case.  We would love to be able to tell you that here at we know that to be the case but unfortunately it isn’t.  However, with a team of developers committed to making your business dreams a reality at a price that is both competitive and realistic, we can help you make the transition from cumbersome to dynamic without losing ground.  In fact in the long term your business is more likely to cover ground and gain on your competitors because as they struggle with their existing technology that is top heavy in unnecessary functions and ultra-complicated algorithms and arrays, your workforce will be working with a designed piece of software or mobile app that will be tailored to your business’ individual requirements.

Whatever your requirements we would urge you to get in touch with us.  Not only are we the premier mobile app and bespoke software developers in Chester and one of the best in the United Kingdom but we are one of the most competitive when it comes to price.  And let’s be honest about it; price is a discernable factor when it comes to upgrading or changing your IT infrastructure.

For a more detailed appraisal of your IT infrastructure and your business’ IT needs why not contact us using the information on the Contact Us page or alternatively fill in the enquiry form and have one of our development team contact you at a time convenient to you.  We would relish the opportunity to talk over your requirements and believe without a doubt that we can provide you with something that your workforce and your clients will be talking about for years to come.